About Us

Santographer welcomes you in Santorini


Santographer is a team of professional photographers and videographers based in Santorini. 
Some of our partners, have more than 10 years of  Photography & Videography experience in Santorini. So yes, we know every corner of this beautiful island !
The most of the “Hire a Photographer” websites are working with the same way. First, you select the photographer that you like his work. Then, that photographer will come to capture your photos and after some days will beautify-edit them, to give them the final look.
In Santographer we believe that capturing and editing a photo, are two different jobs!
Capturing a photo, is very important of course, the photographer must be skilled, experienced and have the right equipment for the job! If the photos are not captured properly, the editor will have hard time to give high quality photos to the client.
Editing and beautify a photo, is one other job, is the final stage of a photo and the final look, before we send it to the client.
So, if you book us, for your vacation photos in Santorini,for your proposal, for your elopement, or for your wedding, we will send you the right photographer for the task! Then our editors team will beautify your photos, to secure that the photos will have the same look of our portfolio!
All of the photo samples in our site are from the same editing team! This is the guaranty that your photos will look like the photo samples of our work! 
No worries, the editing team will not be change! The basic editor is also the owner of Santographer!
If you are a client and you are interested about our services, we’ll be happy to book us directly, or send us an email.
If you are a Santorini based photographer, you have high-end professional equipment, you have at least 4-5 years of experience  and you are interested to join our team, we’ll be happy to hear from you!