Frequently Asked Questions

The Photo shooting is for everyone. You don’t have to be photographer, a model or any kind of expert. With our guidance we can ensure, that you will have a relaxed and stress free experience.

You don’t have to bring any kind of photography equipment. If you bring your own camera, it will be only for your own personal use, because we are doing the photo session only with our cameras.

No, Your transfer is not included. Sometimes we can provide transportation to the shooting location at the 100mins package, depends on where is your hotel located and how many people you are. Our booking expert will discuss with you and help you with that!

You should dress in a way you like and feel a bit special for the occasion. Either extravagant or just casual chic or comfortable, you choose!
If you wish, light-colored clothes are very suitable with the backdrop at the most of the pictures we will take.

You may have your sunglasses with you, because sometimes the sun, here in Santorini, is so bright that you maybe can’t keep your eyes open, for a long time.
You can have accessories which makes the difference, as hats, scarfs, umbrellas etc.
If ladies wear high heels, may have with them a pair of sneakers, flip-flops or sandals, because the ground here, in the lanes, is rough and with steps also.
Ladies with long hair should have the option to tie up their hair if needed, because of the wind, which is a common phenomenon here, in Santorini.

If you wish to capture the first photos and the moment of the proposal, with an undercover photographer, there is a suggestion:

If you wish your photographer to work as an undercover photographer, at the beginning of your proposal moment, you can be in a private balcony or at a dinner place. The photographer will be there, on the agreed time, staying hidden and photoshooting with a telescopic lens and per 98% your wife will understand nothing. Then, when the surprise will have been completed, your photographer will take some casual and some formal photos!

If you wish to make a surprise proposal to your girlfriend, there is a suggestion:

You can tell to your girlfriend that you have booked a photoshoot as a gift for her, or for one other excuse ( you know better your future wife ) . Then you can meet your photographer and start the photoshoot at some random places. The photographer will give you directions for a lot of poses and then he will gets you to the best spot for the proposal (the best spot based on our experience, but we can also have discussed about that, before the photoshoot). There your photographer will ask you to take a fake proposal pose, for fun, to capture some photos. Then there it comes your time… you will bring out of your pocket your ring and you will turn the fake proposal pose to a real one.

The photos you will take will be edited and beautify jpegs on ultra high resolution, 4000px 251dpi and you can print those photos 50cm long.
The photos you will take will be edited with the same editing techniques like the photo samples you have seen in our site.
Extra editing, like to make you thinner, or remove any scarves or unwanted spots from your clothes or your skin, may have an extra charge.
If you want to print some of your photos more than 50cm long, we can send you 4-5 of your favorite photos at any resolution you wish, with no extra charge.

You will take(minimum) 40 edited and beautify digital photos for every hour of the photoshoot. The average number of photos you will take is 45-60. The final number of the photos you will take, depents on many factors. Some of those factors are: the time of the day we will shoot, the weather, the trafic on the streets if we have to drive from one place to the other, how much time we will have to wait to the famous spots to take our photos, how good you are with photos, in which places we will shoot and many more.
We always try to give to our clients as many photos is possible and there are no extra secret charges for the extra photos. Always we are trying to send as many good photos is possible. We never give not good photos and RAW files.

You will take an email with your private gallery to download your photos in maximum 15 days, (average 4 – 6 days). Your photos will be uploaded on Google Drive or WeTransfer and you will have 10 days to download them. If you need more time to download them you will have to inform as.
When you download your photos we recommend to create a backup on an external hard drive
We will keep a backup of your photos, but we are not responsible for any loss.
If it is nessesery to re-send your photos after a long time, there might be an extra fee.

We choose the best pictures, edit them and send the final product to you. Unfortunately we can’t show you the pictures before edit, because the unedited pictures does not represent the final product and what we see in a picture before the editing.

You have the right to use all delivered photos for personal and non-commercial use only. You could print the photos, share with friends, or post on social media etc. Photographer retains copyright for the photos. We reserve the right to use the photos for promotional purposes on our website on social media profiles, printed materials etc. If you do not agree to use your photos to our portofolio and posted online, you have to inform as before the photoshoot. You will have an extra fee of 20% on the price and we will never use your photos in such way.

You can choose, who you want to choose 🙂
When we deside where to take you for your photos, we choose the places by considering the time we need to travel from one place to the other, the famous – beautiful locations of that places,the time of the day, how crowded is each place on that time, the location of your hotel if we have to pick you up from there, the position of the sun and many more.
Of course you can choose to shoot at any place you wish! If we think that you have not chosen the best place or time, we will suggest you accordingly and of course we can shoot anywhere and anytime you wish, even if we think that is not a good idea.
Keep in mind, that if you choose a not good place at a not good time, we maybe cannot be able to deliver you the minimum of 40 photos per hour.

A discount can be made, depending on the dates and your needs. For example, if you take many choices from our packages or if you wish to have a photoshooting that is longer than a day. In any case contact us and we will make a package according to your needs.

-30 days before the date of the photo shoot, the whole amount that you paid, is fully refundable.
-10 days before the date of the photo shoot, half of the amount that you paid, is going to be refunded back to you.
-If you cancel the photo shoot at less than 10 days before the date of the photoshooting, the amount is not refundable.

We always keep an eye at the weather forecast for the next few days. Of course you can never be sure about the weather, but if we think the weather will be bad (rainy) we will contact you and will try to reschedule your photoshoot for one other time at the same day, the previous or the next day. If a reschedule is not possible, we will fully refund your prepaid.

The final look of a photo is the outcome of two factors.
-The “Photographer”. His job is to capture the photos.
-The “Editor”. His job is to edit, beautify and give the final look of the photos.

All of our photo samples in our site are from different photographers but they are beautify from the same editor. We are working only with photographers with the proper photoshooting equipment and only if they are applying some specific photo capturing techniques.
We are working only with photographers that they are nice, friendly and polite with customers.
So, No. You can’t choose your photographer. You have to trust us, as that we will send the best available photographer for your photo session and our Editor will ensure that your photos will have the style and the look of the photo samples you saw in our site.

Is not a certain way for behaviour at your photoshoot. We recommend to enjoy it, be yourself and you can ask from your photographer anything you wish!
But, at some famous spots, because are many hotel rooms there, we have to respect that and do not speak or yell very loudly. No worries, your photographer will mention to you when you are at one of those locations.
Also, your photographer will be a very polite and friendly person, but you can’t insult him.
If your photographer thinks that he has a big problem with you by insulting him or by not respecting some sensitive spots like churches and areas close to hotel rooms after his mentions, he has the right to cancel the session and any payment will fully refund.
*No one of our photographers had the need to cancel a session so far.